Monday, February 28, 2011


- posted by mika

wish you could meet one of my friends here - her name is Karen. she's 14, very cute and very precocious. i just spent the afternoon with her, and have to write down some of the things she said that made me laugh. she saw my facebook profile and said, "oh, Auntie Mika, you looked much prettier when you were in the U.S." one time she thought something was wrong with Reynah's eye and was trying to look at it. then, she reached over and touched my eyelid, and i realized she was noticing our bloodvessels. she said, "ah, you white people have such thin, soft skin!" later, she squeezed Judah's neck and said, "you are very lucky he's so fat. in Uganda,he will get much respect... maybe someday he will be a boss-man!" i think Judah is getting used to people here commenting on his "healthy-ness" and realizing it is a compliment. the funniest part was when Judah told me (for like the 20th time this afternoon!) that he was hungry. of course, Judah's always "hungry," but even more so here in Africa. so, Karen said, "i think he has worms!" i laughed and said no. but she said, "no, seriously, i think you should get him checked out!" so so funny! like i said, i wish you could meet her. :)


  1. Hahahaha! Poor Judah and his never ending appetite. I bet the food changes are effecting him the most! Karen sounds terrific! I love that she is so honest and outspoken! Glad you have a friend to bring you laughter!

  2. :O)....LOVE IT! Karen sounds great! I'm with Edie, I love that she is so honest and outspoken. Aww, poor Judah...he's so precious!