Thursday, February 3, 2011

have passport, will travel...

here we go! - the time is FINALLY here!!! Praise God for packed bags, healthy bodies, and no blizzard warnings. next post will be from AFRICA! woohoo! :)


  1. To the Simpsons:) Have a safe trip! We love you very much! I know this is God taking you on a great adventure to share the love you have with the world! You are going to do BIG THINGS FOR GOD! Remember there is someone here who will always hold you in her heart, in her prayers! I love you... Helen Thacker

  2. heart is swelling within my chest looking at the picture of all that luggage with three of my most treasured gifts from God ready for whatever God has planned! His plans are always for our good and His glory. This has all been bathed with so much prayer ~ ~ with God as your personal Travel Agent and Guide my momma's heart is resting on his wisdom and divine protection. I love you all too much to want anything different from our Lord's ultimate best :)
    Can't wait to see you all and get some hugs in just a few hours!

  3. your troop looks super cute!! praying for u! God bless u and every one u come in contact with, u all will truly be a blessing for the Lord! love, tiffany