Friday, March 18, 2011

what happens next

- posted by mika

We are hanging out in the Brussels airport and have about 15 min of internet time left, so i will have to make this super brief. we finally got the official confirmation yesterday that we will return to Uganda and serve Watoto as long-term volunteers. we didn't expect it would be 8 hours before we left the country before we would know for sure what the future plans would be! but we are learning that everything in Africa happens on its own time table - and just to be chill about it. :) so, we will share more of the details soon, but for now we are just excited to share the news that we get to go back! because we really do love being there and have more peace than ever about sharing our lives with the people we have met. but for the time being, we are very ready to see everyone else that we share our lives with. i can't wait to worship with my church family this Sunday and hug LOTS of necks!!!

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