Monday, January 24, 2011

it's 80 degrees in Kampala

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well, instead of a pic of cute Watoto kids in the African sunshine, here are some cute cousins in the NC snow (as well as a cute uncle and a cute grandpa).

we have adjusted to our new lifestyle of living, as T puts it, "somewhere between a bum and a retired person." the operative word is "adjusted" not "settled" - we are still SO eager to be on that airplane!

so, just an update... i have been on medicine for almost a month now, and i can tell it is working. i'm doing so much better! i go back to the doc this Fri., and we are planning to leave Feb.2 - 8 days from now!

we have found many blessing in this month of waiting. the winter weather has NOT been one of them, in my opinion. January is my least fav. month, and i was quite excited to escape it. sorry, sorry - on to the blessings...! it was really wonderful to spend two whole weeks with T's family in NC. T hasn't been able to do that since before he graduated college. our boys made some wonderful memories. (largely due to the winter weather, it's true). we were especially happy to get to spend time with T's grandpa who is 89 and has lukemia. every hour with him is treasured! we also got to stay with my parents coming and going and visit with my grandma. we can't have too much family time right now.

Reynah and Grandpa Simpson

but after sleeping in 6 different homes within those 2 weeks, the vagabonds were ready to come home and unpack the suitcase. well, actually, i proposed continuing our journey to FL since i'm craving some warm sunshine! but my sensible husband vetoed that idea, and i have to admit he was right. it has been refreshing to just be home in Jackson and around our church family a little bit longer. we so much enjoyed going to church Sun morning, knowing that Northside is our home church whether we are on staff or not.

i have certainly enjoyed the blessing of having T around all the time! i'm trying not to get too used to it. it's been a special time to just relax as a family - play games, do schoolwork, read, study. the rest of this week is focused on packing up the house some more and putting things in storage. my house feels like a clown car - no matter how much we take out, more seems to keep appearing!

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  1. There's nothing like good ole family time like that! It was so good to see you guys Sunday! You both looked so refreshed. I'm so excited for you and so glad that you are feeling better!