Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sometimes "meanwhile" can last a long time

- posted by mika

i'm holding my breath

i think an avalanche is coming, and i'm afraid
how do i prepare to get buried and lose my identity?

i think people will think we haven't been thinking - and i will be embarrassed
because the truth is, there is no Plan B, no safety net
all the chips are in one pile

i think i think too much about how it is going to happen, and i feel too responsible
i act like God holds out and reserves miracles as a last resort

i thought i had already begun to let go,
so then, why are my hands aching from this grip??

so there...
i am really not so intrepid
and not quite ready
and i'm still treating junk like treasures
and i'm ready to admit that i have A LOT to learn about trusting You!

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