Tuesday, June 22, 2010

content to be small

so, i am venturing into this world of blogging (which i know nothing about). i never have thought i would make a very good blogger. i do enjoy writing, and i don't mind sharing my thoughts. BUT... i am not very articulate, witty, or clever with my words. my daily life is not full of interesting drama. and something about all of this seems really presumptuous - to presume that anyone besides my mama would want to take time to read what i write. however, i feel inspired to write, because i want to share how God is working in me, in my family, in the "world" that He has placed us right now. in this season, the "working" in me personally involves God readjusting my perspective. i just feel overwhelmed with the bigness of GOD, the smallness of me / the cheapness of my life and the richness of eternity. my "stuff" is disenchanting me. my "mika-made" identity seems really shallow. and i LOVE the freedom i feel when remember these things!

several times when i was growing up, i remember Daddy talking about how we are like little dimes and God is the huge sun. there is just no comparison between the two! if i go outside, stretch out my arm, and hold a dime up in front of the sun - i don't notice the dime - only the brilliance and warmth of the sun. but i can pull the dime in so close to my eye, that it completely blocks out the sun's rays. SO OFTEN i project my life, blow it up to an enormous degree, that i forget why i am even living on this earth. it is easy to forget that i am just a tiny coin, useful to be spent in a very small way. all i can do is reflect God's light. i know He is going to be reminding me of this a lot more in the upcoming months! i really NEED to learn the humility of small things. my focus can't be on myself, my convenience, my security, my plans... ("for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal!" II Cor. 4:18) maybe this blogging will help me hold myself accountable to keeping the right perspective. and maybe... hopefully... it will give God an opportunity to deflect some little shimmers off of me in the process.

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  1. I love the dime in the sun concept. I can't wait to read more!