Saturday, June 29, 2013

family pics (and Reynah's fractured sermon)

This month, we had the blessing of having a friend from back home visit for a couple of weeks.  Meg Rushing was a joy to us in many ways (not the least of which was that she brought a whole suitcase full of goodies from sweet friends in TN.  Christmas in June - for real!!)  She also is an excellent photographer, and she captured some priceless family moments for us.

So, of course, I have to share them with you!  

I may have gone overboard there.  That's a lot of pictures.
But I still can't resist adding a few out-takes.  If you know my Judah, you will really appreciate these.  This silly kid never fails to make me laugh! 

And, if that failed to add humor to your day, I have one more thing that will surely do the trick...

I've been helping to teach Reynah's Sunday School class lately.  They love it when I bring in the old Betty Lukins flannel graphs.  (yes, these kids have not been desensitized by DVDs, so flannel graphs are quite state-of-the-art!)  So, a couple of Sundays ago, I came home from church and began putting the felt pieces away.  Reynah thought she should help, but quickly became fascinated by all the colorful pieces she saw in the box.  She pulled a few out and began telling me her own "Bible story."  I happened to have a pen and scrap paper right beside me, so this is her story verbatim.

Jesus had to die on the cross, because the angel told Jesus that he was going to have a baby.  
And, you see, he had a boo boo on his legs and on his arms.  And the soldiers had a sword and they killed Jesus and they put him on the cross.  And then, the whale it came, and he ate Jesus.  
And, Noah said, "EEEW - it stinks in here!"  And it was green, stinky water... 
and after Jesus rose from the dead, then the soldiers made him die on the cross. 


Oh, and here's Meg and Judah "racing" Josiah and me back to Suubi. 
 I can't remember who won, but I am sure the boy's could tell you.  
Thank you, Meg, for loving Uganda and doing life with us for a couple of weeks!
 (and for the very awesome pics :))

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  1. Outstanding! Meg, thank you so much for sharing your abunding blessings with the rest of us: you know how to take the best of photos!
    What a family Mika! Looking at each one of them each day must surely remind you of His blessings!
    Good things come to good people!
    A warm hello (literally as we have unheard record temperatures) from the Pacific NW coast,
    God bless,