Friday, March 16, 2012

"Celebrate Purity 2012"

 as i've been promising, here is an update on what our ministry-focus is right now.  of course, we continue with our other ministry responsibilities each week, but this upcoming event certainly has most of our time, energy, and attention at the moment!  we are so excited about the momentum and favor God is already blessing us with as we get ready.  i'm copying an email that we sent out to our support network earlier... 

The reason for this update is actually to inform everyone in our support network about our upcoming purity events.  During our season as youth pastors in Jackson, we found purity events to be powerful tools for discipleship.  Many teenagers (even those raised in church) easily find themselves confused, frustrated, and ashamed in the realm of sexual purity.  Sensual media, pornography, peer pressure, broken homes, and loneliness have made the battle for purity very intense in this generation.  Teenagers in Uganda are no exception.  It only makes the battle more difficult when you do not live with a biological family.  When we first mentioned the concept of purity events to our pastoral leadership they eagerly requested that we organize purity events for our Watoto villages as soon as possible. 
We are excited to inform you that on April 13-14 and 20-21 Watoto Villages Suubi and Bbira will experience their very first sexual purity events entitled “Celebrate Purity.”  Our dear friends (and long-time ministry partners) Hugh and Lisa Dear are actually coming over from the US to help make these events happen.  On Suubi Village, where we live, there are 500 teenagers.  Bbira has about 400.  The purity event involves dynamic teaching sessions about our sexual identity,  God’s plan for sex and marriage, living free from addictions and destructive habits, and scripture’s high calling of purity.  These events will end with formal ceremonies where students publically declare a vow of purity, sign a purity covenant, and receive a ring as a symbol of their decision. 

 People here are super excited about these events and our goal is for them to be the best discipleship events ever hosted on our Watoto villages.  We are asking our friends and partners to be in prayer for these events.  Many people in Africa have heard of abstinence, but few understand purity.  We are asking God for open hearts and open minds.  We are also asking you to consider making a special financial gift towards this event to help us with the burden.  We have already committed to spending thousands of dollars on this event (rings, books, prizes, t-shirts, food, etc) but we want to give you the opportunity to join us in the grace of giving.  Many of you already understand how financial contributions to our ministry operate.  You can simply send a check to Northside Assembly of God, 27 Oil Well Rd, Jackson TN  38305 and write  “Uganda-Purity Event” on the memo line.  We thank you in advance for your partnership.  Please know that we don't take it with light appreciation.  Every month, Northside Assemble sends us a contribution report for our account, and each month we are left speechless with  gratitude.  It is truly a privilege to be your hands extended to the least of these in East Africa.

 here's our lively team of youth workers who help us make discipleship happen every week

they are already wearing their purity rings (since they are all single) 
and proudly declaring their commitments!

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  1. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you very much for sharing these special moments!
    God bless,