Wednesday, October 12, 2011

come in and visit awhile!

a few things have changed since my last post, the most significant being that we have water pressure now!!  woohoo!  now we can wash dishes in the kitchen sink and take showers again.  THEN, last week, we got a washing machine hooked up in our apartment!!!  we had bought it about 6 wks ago, but because of the water pressure issue, it had just been sitting in our apt.  washing machines are seriously the greatest inventions!  i never thought laundry could be such a blissful chore.  :)  there are a few hang-ups such as ... 1. the machine only works if the power is on, and this area of efficiency hasn't improved much really.  2. the clean clothes only dry when the sun is shining - and this is rainy season.  3. we've not figured out how to make the machine level just yet, so i have to run and jump up on it when it gets to the spin cycle (which my kids find very entertaining to watch!).  but these are minor minor issues that i don't mind coping with.  just having a machine that can do some work for me has seriously freed me up, and we feel like we're "living high" now.

all that said, our home feels more functional, efficient, and a bit tidier these days (ok, i did make sure it was extra tidy before taking these pictures, so don't be too disillusioned).  this puts me in the mood to have company!  i do wish you, our family and friends, could come by for a visit.  it's a lovely, sunny day and just time for afternoon tea (British roots go deep here).  school work is finished for the day, Rey has had her nap, so everyone is in a good mood.  :)  so, just humor me and let me pretend for awhile...

so, this is our "flat" as they call it here (another British habit).  there are several of them in a row; this is where all the Ugandan teachers who teach here at Suubi live. 

climb up the stairs, and then i'll spin you around and show you our lovely view -

this is Masaka Rd, the road we take when we go into Kampala.

here's the view when you come to our door.  it is basically a kitchen/ living area with two bedrooms and a bathroom.  the floors and walls are concrete, and the ceilings are high, which makes everything seem more spacious.

to the left, our kitchen and table (where all the school work is done) 


i have a propane gas cooker, small fridge, and microwave 

 and the glorious washing machine! 

to the right is the living room area.  the wicker furniture was here already, but we bought the futon (for when company actually does come visit!).  it was made at the fabrication shop right here at Suubi.



some of the books that "made the cut" and got packed in the suitcase

 the bathroom isn't really much to show off, but it is functional


there isn't a tub, just a shower head.  so Rey takes her bath in a wash basin - def one of her favorite times of day!


here's the view looking back to the front door.  the TV was here when we arrived as well.


now, i do have to show you this spot by the front door, because i'm quite proud of myself for packing these things - a cork board, a key rack, and an indoor/outdoor thermometer.  it's 75 in and 77 out today.  no time and temp # to call here, so i get a lot of amusement with  my thermometer!


ok, here's the kids' bedroom on the right side of the apt.  we have three beds in a row with one giant mosquito net over them all.  eventually, we hope to get bunk beds for the boys, to give them a little more floor space for playing.


and our bedroom

there's no vanity or drawers anywhere, so i made my window sill my vanity.  i have great lighting so i can see my skin blemishes very clearly!

speaking of windows, i do think they are the best feature of our little home

oh, and i have to show you our pet chameleon, Buddy.  Buddy lives outside on the balcony, but we bring him in anytime it gets stormy.  

so, there you go!  that's a lot of pictures, but it was fun for me.  but, now, Rey's nap has wore off and the boys are hungry, so i guess visiting time is over for me.  have a lovely day on your side of the world! :)


  1. How awesome is technology today that we get a virtual tour of your home from the comforts of our own. It's beautiful and I have to agree about the windows! Thanks for showing us around!

  2. Such a cute place! I'm glad you guys are doing so well and have settled in so nicely. The kids have grown so, and they look like they have so much fun.
    Love you guys!

  3. THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful pictures of your home with us. It helps to know that you have some comforts - altho I know full-well some of the limits of living in a flat in Africa...such as...water runs when water runs, and electricity is a blessing when it is working. We worked with those things in Nairobi for ten years. After about five years we installed ourselves an electric in-line water pump and also purchased a good Honda generator. Those items made things much more comfortable! Praying for you all.

  4. Hey - I stumbled across your blog and now am a full-time 'stalker'. :) I lived out at Suubi for a couple of months as a volunteer when the babies home first opened, and it's thrilled my heart to read of your adventures and to see these pics! Brings back heaps of memories!

    May God continue to richly bless you guys in all you do!!