Tuesday, September 6, 2011

passing time African-style

i know i am WAY overdue a blog update.  it seems that everything i want to say overwhelms me, so i procrastinate writing.  i'm still procrastinating, actually, but do intend to write a more detailed update soon!  in the meantime, i thought i'd quickly share some pics of how my kids are learning to pass their time here at Suubi.  i rarely hear, "Mom, i'm bored!" nowadays.


the kids here never get tired of playing (or watching) soccer

i've learned that they have their own version of marbles called "dulu" - it involves flicking a ball with amazing accuracy at another ball to try and knock it in a hole

i am constantly impressed with Africans' ingenuity and ability to turn "junk" into toys

 this push car is made out of sticks, wire, strips of rubber -
and the wheels are cut out of broken flip-flops!

Judah and his friends made me a broom to sweep the balcony with :)

then... when there's nothing else to do, you can always just get some friends together and DANCE!!


  1. Mika, I LOVE all the pictures! I LOVE that the kids are so happy and content!! I LOVE that God is giving opportunities that only He fully knows the significance of!!! I LOVE that we can put our trust in our ALL FAITHFUL FATHER!!!! And I LOVE the family He has blessed me with :) :) :) mom

  2. Hi friends,

    When I see your posts and read about what is happening in your part of the world, I think how great it is to be lead by HIS hand. And I wonder who is teaching whom. It looks like your boys are learning a lot of wonderful things from the natives. Lol. I know they are full of wonder and amazement at God's love and saving grace.

  3. Love your blog-post! What town or village are you in there in Uganda? I've spent some good times in that country.

  4. I can see how happy the children are. I too share your awe at how inventive children can be in making toys out of "junk" and having fun no matter what. Awesome.